O.K. here is a bit of history on the Idle Guys

Act 1–Scene 1- In the fall of 1980 I walked into an employment agency in N.E. Australia and answered an ad “guitarist/singer required for group based on Daydream Island (Whitsundays). Yup! That’s us! I hitched up to Airlie Beach, jumped on the ferry, landed at 5 p.m. and by 7 that night the festive, but goofy “Daydream Islanders” were dishin’ out the dirt for the Cook Island Dancers…and then several hundred drunken tourists-of which I was one. We were away and laughing. One afternoon our bass player was passing one of the rooms and heard this amazing voice. He peeked in and one of the maids was merrily making the beds. He asked her if she’d like to come and try singing a couple of songs with our group at rehearsal that afternoon……..She said she would though she’d never sung in front of an audience before……As soon as she started to sing I got this huge chill down my back and by that night she was our featured singer. She was completely amazing. Her name was……and is Donna McConville…..and I hope you get a chance to hear her sing some day…..A few weeks later with the resort manager shaking his fist and my ex-girlfriend (as of the night before) looking on Donna and I left the island in a cloud of blue smoke. We hitched up to Townsville where we got a job playing at a restaurant overlooking the bay. We did our first recordings there, 4 track versions of “All Day” and “Sandra doesn’t live here anymore” as well as a couple of Donna’s tunes. In case you were wondering. Yes -we were humping…. Alot.

Scene two – I returned to Canada after 6 months in Australia and Donna followed a couple of months later. We toured around as a duo which eventually evolved into the group Idle Eyes…Earliest members included, Phil Robertson, Don Biggar, Terry Alton, Larry Pardeau, Kevin Swain and James Chadwick. Then along came Dave “Dudley” Welsh, a kiwi drummer fresh off the Aussie music circuit. We clicked immediately both musically and as friends. Dudleys best mate, fellow kiwi Kev O’brien, arrived from Australia and with Mike Poulter on bass, Bill Miekle on sax and Kev doubling on sax and bass we toured the top 40 clubs playing 50% original music, a bunch of Aussie covertunes and a few popular songs. Pretty much a Ska/Reggae band at that point. It was for me my favorite version of the group. We’d be playing these red neck bars and would beat them down with our energy till they came around. We had a great belief in our songs and music. Donna, Dudley and Kev were all having visa problems and eventually had to leave the country for awhile. Donna and I split. I sold my van and used the money for a last-ditch recording effort.

Scene 3 — I took the recording to “Payolas” Manager Cliff Jones. He phoned a few days later and called me into his office where we mapped out a plan to first get a band happening and then record another demo. Cliff soon had W.E.A. records interested and it was time to get a band together….Dudley had already made plans to go to England so my old friend Phil Robertson hopped on board. The two of us spent months practising and were having a tough time getting band mates. I don’t think anyone really believed we had a record deal with a major label ….Warner/Electra/Atlantic signed us while Phil and I scrambled to get a band together. Finally a week or so before we were to record, Phil recruited bassist Miles Hill and guitarist Glen Smith. Along with “Red Rider” Keyboardist John Webster we recorded our first LP with producer Declan O’Doherty. “Tokyo Rose” became #1 hit and “All Day” went top 10.

Our first gig was opening for the group “Toto”at the Queen Elizabeth theatre in Vancouver. Eeeeek!! No sweat…ha! We somehow managed to pull it off…and then the following night we opened for Toto again at the Saddledome in Calgary.

I’ll put the rest on fast forward…I can see your getting a little restless.

We did 13 sold out dates with Tears for Fears who had just had two #1 singles “Everybody wants to rule the world” and “Shout”. They were pricks but the tour was fun…. Especially the four nights at Massey Hall in Toronto. We did 4 or 5 dates with Bryan Adams…big highlight was a sold out concert at the Montreal forum. Later there was also a bunch of dates with Tom Cochrane and Red Rider in the Prairies…….

Scene 4-We won a Juno Award as Canada’s most promising band that year. (85) Played for Lady Di and Chuck at the opening of Expo ’86…studded out at the West Coast Music Awards …. Group of the Year (major label), Album of the year, Song of the year (Tokyo Rose), and song writer of the year (Toad) and two ProCan Awards (Most airplay Canadian radio)

OK thats the end of the Rags to Riches part……now for the riches to rags ending. For our second album we had the big producer ,Michael Beinhorn,(who went on to do the Chili Peppers-” Mothers Milk” and Ozzi Ozborne……..Michael you big stud! good going!), the big budget ($130,000), and the big studio (Little Mountain Sound) which produced the big stiff…..selling only about 20,000 units. The day after we finished our recording Bon Jovi started recording “Slippery When Wet” using the same engineer(Bob Rock) and the same studio,(Little Mountain Sound)…….so you figure it out………..

As much as our second album may or may not have sucked “Sandra” was nominated as song of the year and we won group of the year again at the West Coast Music Awards. We did an east coast U.S. tour with Human League who had a #1 hit at the time with “I’m only human”…Played “the Ritz” in New York for four nights….Joey Ramone came back stage he and his manager asked me if I wanted to snort a couple of lines with them……..well would you have done???….just a little dabble do ya…..They told me they just got back from playing Rio de Janiero and the crowd was throwing hypodermic needles and used tampons at them! excellent! All the big record execs. were there…..We must have really impressed them because two weeks later they pulled the pin on our tour dropped us from the label….and sent us back to the minors…some bar in Kenora Ontario.(no offence Kenora!). We worked our way back across Canada and when we returned we parted from our management and soon after recorded an independent c.d. that did quite well. Three videos and a hit “Blue Train” and we broke even selling 10,000 records…Strange how we sold 70,000 records for W.E.A. and were in the red to them for $400,000.00! Those naughty boys must have been having a little bit too much fun with our budget…..thanks for that….There was sporadic touring for a couple of years then in 1994 we released six new songs along with some of our old “hits”….. along with a video for the title track, “Land of the Midnight Sun”.

I recorded “Millions of Brazilians” in 1997 with a bunch of musical friends that include Johnny Ferriera, Al and Eric Webster, Gaye Delorme,and Dave Stone.

In 2000 I assembled a disk “Idle Eyes-Bites Back” that contains the more popular Idle Eyes tunes as well as 6 tunes from the Millions of Brazilians disk.

This year(2002) Idle Eyes(Idle Geezers?…Spinal Eyes?…..Idle Tap?) will be touring again and playing some songs from our new disk..”Karma Cops” as well as some oldies……so come out and check us out because we need the money.

Phil,Miles and Scotty are all married and do a lot of studio work in Vancouver… Bruce and Glen are married with children living in Vancouver

Dudley and Kev have been living in Cabo San Lucas Mexico for the past ten years playing music and selling time share.

Donna McConville is in Melbourne Australia singing jazz.

I live in a van down by the river.

any questions??? tadpolio1@yahoo.com